Museum Celebrates 6th Anniversary

by Jesse Wright, The Press Register

After six years in Clarksdale, Theo Dasbach has more stuff than he knows what to do with.  He always did.  He’s got a 4,200 sq. ft. space on Second Street, but even when he first moved in and opened the Rock & Blues Museum downtown, he couldn’t store but half his memorabilia.  He’s been collecting records, posters, guitars, clothes and other odds and ends for decades and so, even when he opened, he knew he couldn’t show it all.

“The first lesson I learned in the six years we’ve been in the building was that is has become too small,”  he said.  “Only half my collection is here and my collection has grown.”

The Clarksdale Room, a rectangular section behind the front room, is stuffed full of local artifacts including, most recently, a small briefcase owned by Foster Wiley-- Mr. Tater, the Music Maker.

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