Newsletter September 2014

Dear Friends, 

Exciting events to report from the Museum . . . 

First of all we received a notice and certificate from the State of Mississippi (Mississippi Development Authority) that the annual Clarksdale Caravan Music Fest is recognized as an integral part of Mississippi’s Creative Economy!

And WOW a lot of free live music events are happening in the coming weeks in Downtown Clarksdale:

The Delta Busking Festival, September 26-28, 2014.  Both Cat Head and the Rock & Blues Museum will have live music outside on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Follow this link for specific times and artists:

The 2nd Street Blues Party on October 11 & 12, 2014  We are excited that SELWYN COOPER, the guitar legend from Louisiana, returns to Clarksdale especially for the 2nd Street Blues Party!!! You’ll find more information at

The Museum also has a related event in conjunction with the Deep Blues Festival on October 16 through 19, 2014.  You can find the Museum’s line-up information at  The complete line-up of the Deep Blues Festival is at


INFO ON CLARKSDALE BLUES SCENE AT: ("Music Calendar" and "Clarksdale" web pages)



Two new display panels for the Chess Studio legend Cash McCall have been finished and now hang next to the displays of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guitar Shorty and Johnny Winter in the very back room of the Museum.

With our staff members, Thomas Hayes and Marc Taylor, we are now keeping our Museum doors open every day, including Sunday, thanks to your support in our fundraising efforts along with SBCP/Delta Bridge, the Community Foundation of NW Mississippi, and the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Now as you head into Clarksdale south on Highway 61, you'll see our new billboard . . . just another reminder that we open every day! 

We are also looking for volunteers to assist our staff in the Museum for a day or so per week to greet visitors.  Interested parties in Clarksdale or the surrounding area please contact us at tel. 901-605-8662.

If you would like to support us in our mission, visit our website and click on the "donate" button to donate by credit card or by Paypal.  We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, so your donation may be tax deductible! (as always consult you tax advisor). 

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Keeping the blues heritage alive,

Theo Dasbach, Executive Director

“Blues is the roots, everything else is the fruits” . . . Willie Dixon

“There is a sad and a happy blues, you gotta feel it” . . . Billie Holiday

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